Women’s Backcountry Tour 2019

Women’s Backcountry Tour 2019
Kathleen, Dani and I.

That’s another autumn Assiniboine adventure, done and dusted!

I had the pleasure of accompanying some of the most inspiring women in landscape photography today to the wonderful backcountry of the Rocky Mountains in Canada, including among them: Dani Lefrançois, Viktoria Gridley-Haack and Kathleen Croft.

Joining us were an incredible group of women – Erin Ferguson, Janis Smith, Kate Watson, March Hutchinson and Fiona McLean – who hiked the peaks, went swimming in glacial lakes, did yoga in cold and windy conditions, and kept the spirit of adventure alive.

As with last year, we flew by helicopter into the Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park, where we stayed in a log cabin for a couple of nights. Though there wasn’t any snow this year, the fall colours were slowly creeping in amongst the larches, while vibrant green foliage made for an enchanting sight.

Women's Backcountry Tour Canada 2019 - Serena Dzenis
The Wonder Girls! (From L-R: Janis, Serena, Erin, Viktoria, Kate, March, Fiona, Kathleen.)

We spent our days up before dawn, hiking to Nub Peak for a spectacular view of Cerulean and Sunburst Lakes. In the evenings, we explored the bogs, in search of reflections and identifying animal paw prints in the mud.

Thankfully, it wasn’t as cold as last year and it didn’t pour with rain until our final day when we were waiting for the helicopter to fly out. The flight was quite bumpy due to the wind but we made it back in one piece and headed straight to Communitea for a hearty and healthy lunch, before bidding one another goodbye… for the next year, at least!

Women's Backcountry Tour Canada 2019 - Serena Dzenis
Arriving at Assiniboine.
Women's Backcountry Tour Canada 2019 - Serena Dzenis
Photographing Mount Assiniboine.

After that, Kathleen and I spent a few days around Banff, Lake Louise and Mosquito Creek, doing our best to follow the light. Unfortunately, we were met by several days of rain and cloudy conditions, though we made the most of it and met some very friendly souls along the way. I even saw a bear hiding out in the forest!

Kathleen getting bog water into her boots for a shot of Mount Rundle.

We ended up with some great shots, which I can’t wait to share with you all. It may take me a while to get around to processing them though, so I hope you’ll bear with me!  : )

I’m looking forward to our next adventure in Assiniboine in 2020!

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