Landscape Photography Podcast

Landscape Photography Podcast
Fine art photograph of a lone tree with fog and a snowy mountain background in Bavaria, Germany. Photo by landscape photographer, Serena Dzenis.
'The Places We Hide', Germany

Last week, I had the pleasure of chatting with the guys over at Photog Adventures about how I ended up where I am today, storytelling in landscape photography and finding inspiration in the world. I also had the chance to talk a little bit about getting photos seen off social media and the importance of minimising your photo gear.

You may recognise the image above from my Second World : Zweite Welt gallery, titled ‘The Places We Hide’. In the podcast, we delve into the beauty of looking away from a well-known scene to find gems within the landscape such as this. We also touched on a very meaningful photo in my portfolio titled ‘Acquiescence’, which was taken in the Lofoten Islands and makes up part of my Arctic Dreams collection. This was the photo which initially earned me international recognition and was auctioned for charity at a gallery opening in Melbourne. To learn more about how I took this photo, check out my write-up of what went on behind-the-scenes.

Long exposure of waves circling a rock on a mountainous background in the Lofoten Islands of Norway
Acquiescence, Norway

It’s amazing to think that I’ve come so far in the last couple of years that I’ve focused on landscape photography as a career. Thank you to everyone who has given me a hand along the way. Hopefully, my art will continue to grow and to inspire others. I can only encourage everyone to keep on exploring. Get out there and love the world around you. Don’t let anybody or anything hold you down. In a place as beautiful as this, creativity knows no bounds.

And if you have a spare hour up your sleeve, I would be chuffed if you would have a listen to me yakking away on this podcast!

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Kirk Keyes

HI Serena! It was very interesting to hear about your life and passions. I think if more people followed their dreams like you, have we’d have a better world. Thanks for sharing your beautiful and inspirational photos.


PS – it was so fun to meet you out at Secret Beach!

20 December 2017

Hello Kirk! Thank you so much for having a listen to the podcast and for your lovely comments. It was a lot of fun to meet you out at Secret Beach … we enjoyed shooting with you guys and all the delicious food we shared. It made my second trip to the USA so much fun. I hope we’ll bump into you again soon!

20 December 2017

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