Merry Christmas / Gleðileg Jól

There has been very little snowfall in Iceland so far this winter, so Kaspars and I escaped to the north in search of some wintery scenes.
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The Hidden Beauty of Brúarfoss

Heavy rain during autumn turned this waterfall in Iceland into a swirling cauldron! Over the course of a few days in October, I headed out with my friend Mads Peter Iversen to work on a couple of projects. Brúarfoss waterfall had been a long-awaited destination of mine for quite some time, though I hadn’t gotten around to […]
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Happy Halloween!

Kaspars and I have just wrapped up guiding a two-week photography workshop around Iceland, during which we visited the Selfoss waterfall by the Jökulsá á Fjöllum river in the north. Winter had arrived by the time that we got there, so we were very lucky to find frozen puddles and snow on the rocks surrounding the […]
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First Aurora of the Season!

It was a good thing that my friend Snorri and I went out last night to shoot because I managed to catch the Northern Lights in Iceland for the first time this season. I had been alerted a couple of days prior from an email sent by the Australian Space Forecast Centre that there would […]
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Worlds of Tomorrow

Last week, Kaspars and I were sitting down for dinner when we realised that there might be something beautiful waiting to happen in the sky. We panicked a little as we decided upon where to go, mistakenly believing that the time was an hour later than it actually was. It wasn’t until we had rushed […]
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