About Serena Dzenis

I’m Serena, an Australian fine art photographer who is based in Iceland.

I love exploring the ways in which we interact with the world around us and capturing it in a new light. When I take photographs, I focus on details that can spark the imagination and drive us to ask questions about what is really important in life.

I was given my first camera at the age of 9 and taught myself photography through trial and error. When I was 17, I established my photography business and worked as a music, culture and events photographer. While I undertook a university course in Documentary Photography later in life, I’ve learned everything else I know through many years of dedication. This is why I love teaching and empowering others to find inspiration in their photography, no matter what genre they want to pursue.

After I moved from Australia to Iceland, I began sharing my love for photography and nature with others by running educational photography tours and workshops out in-field.

Serena Dzenis

Hello! I'm Serena.

Welcome to my website, a place where you can learn about architecture, nature and landscape photography.

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Photography by Serena Dzenis
Fine art photography by lens based artist, Serena Dzenis.

Learn Photography With Me

Over the years, I’ve contributed many educational articles to photography publications online and in print, under my own name, pseudonyms and as a ghostwriter for other photographers. There was so much floating around that I’ve now decided that I will collate everything I know about photography into a single space where you can learn photography.

I’m so happy that this website is evolving into a tool that I can use to share my knowledge with creative people, just like you.

My photography business currently involves:

A few times a year, I also travel to present my work or to teach in other destinations.

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