Serena Dzenis is a Nature Photographer Based in Iceland

Born in 1984 and hailing from Australia, this worldly traveler, author and educator is the host of one-to-one and group photography workshops in Iceland and abroad, which have an emphasis on storytelling within the landscape – connecting with the land and immersing oneself in the rhythms and dangers associated with the living presence of this world.

Having originally made her name in the exciting world of music photography, Serena’s work has continually evolved over time to include documentary, landscape and nature photography as well as journalism and writing.

Well-known for her uniquely romantic style, Serena’s photographs depart from the traditional, with a focus on capturing the raw energy of human emotions and the otherworldliness often associated with space and atmosphere. Taking an interest in harsh conditions and with a deep passion for the enchantment of the winter season, Serena transforms each scene with a subtle narrative that highlights her penchant for making the most of what this planet has to offer. Her open and friendly nature has seen her embracing challenges each and every day, teaching others to make their own future and to turn their dreams into reality.

Join this avid dreamer as she takes her adventure around the world, inspiring others to document the complexity of nature from the ground up.

“My story is about standing on the land’s edge with no one else around, windblown with the sweet relief of a life and a place in this vast expanse.”

Photography education

Photographic workshops or coaching for individuals and small groups, in-field and on-location.

Post-processing tutorials and critique / feedback sessions.

Commercial Production

Landscape, music, documentary and nature photography for advertising, magazines, editorials, album artwork, publishing houses, nature reserves, tourism and travel organisations.


Conservation writing, photography and environmental activism for print and online media.


Educational, motivational and inspirational presentations on the topics of environmental and nature photography, delivered to entertain your audience with purpose.

Serena is readily available for photography, writing and speaking projects worldwide.

Please feel free to contact Serena with any enquiries.