Recap: PhotoPills Camp 2018

Recap: PhotoPills Camp 2018

The PhotoPills Camp 2018 was such a wonderful experience! I am honoured to have been a Master this year and to have met such an incredible group of people throughout the adventure.

Kim Henry & Eric Paré of Signs of Light, Landscape photography by Serena Ho, PhotoPills Camp, Spain

The evenings were the highlight, when we went in-field to share our knowledge the best way that we could – with hands-on experience! I was extremely lucky to have been teamed with an extraordinarily talented lot of Masters, including Ian Norman and Diana Southern of Lonely Speck, as well as Eric Paré and Kim Henry of Signs of Light.

Here is a photo of our very first night light-painting at Pregonda Beach. If you look very closely, you can see Ian very faintly in the background behind Diana.

Diana Southern & Ian Norman of Lonely Speck Blog, Landscape photography by Serena Ho, PhotoPills Camp, Spain

Imagine, plan and shoot with PhotoPills!

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