What usually comes to mind when most people think about the Arctic is mounds of snow, dog-sledding and perhaps an aurora lighting up the night sky. These are generally the things you would expect to see when you’re in Lapland. However, if you venture high enough into the mountains during the midst of winter, then you might just find yourself immersed in a very strange fantasy world where wizard-like creatures rule the land.

All of these photos were taken at the peak of Riisitunturin kansallispuisto (Riisitunturi National Park) in Finnish Lapland. There had been very heavy snowfall over many weeks, resulting in deep snow-covered spruce trees during the winter. The weather was constantly changing, with very fickle light swallowed by swathes of fog. It felt so unearthly to be up there in the frosty cold, without a single sound but my own breath as I stumbled through the snow.

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