Australia : Island Home

Australia : Island Home

Australia is a place where the environment is ultimately wild, untamed, harsh and fascinating. There is something strangely captivating about the landscape; the open horizons, soaring mountains, thundering rivers and lush valleys seep into you with each encounter. Curiosity sucks at your consciousness until you become restless, longing for the rhythms and dangers associated with the living presence of this world.

The land makes us who we are – we are part of the land, as it is part of us.

Welcome to my backyard – a world of beauty that I largely neglect when the alluring strength of wanderlust takes hold. There was a time when I thought that there would be so much more to search for out there in the world than I could find in the corner I had been conceived, born and raised in. It wasn’t until I moved away that the longing to return to this place gripped my being.

This is a journey that lulls with the ebb and flow of my connection to a dry continent which I am proud to call my island home.

My story is about standing on the land’s edge with no one else around, windblown with the sweet relief of a life and a place in this vast expanse.

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