Women’s Backcountry Tour of Assiniboine

Hello everybody! I have recently returned home to Iceland after a whirlwind trip to Assiniboine in Canada with some of the most inspiring women in landscape photography today.

You may recognise some of these faces: Dani Lefrançois, Viktoria Gridley-Haack, Jaclyn Tanemura, Kathleen Croft, Erin Ferguson and Amie Anderson.

We were dropped by helicopter into the Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park, where we stayed in a log cabin for several memorable nights, shooting anytime that we could to make the most of the oftentimes snowy, sunny and windy conditions.

It was a truly amazing experience to be able to bond with these creative souls, laughing and enjoying every moment as we worked to capture the beauty of the nature around us.

This was my first trip to Canada and to the Canadian Rockies. I had seen the Rocky Mountains in nature documentaries prior to this trip but nothing could prepare me for getting up close and personal with these majestic mountains.

Being in the territory of large predatory animals did make me feel a little nervous, though we went equipped with bear spray and made enough noise to keep any of them at bay. The thing about where I come from in Australia is that although there are lots of venomous things like spiders and snakes, nothing is really going to come after you or try to eat you!

As we hiked around the area, one thing that I tried to do was to capture each peak of the mountain range in all its glory. In addition to Mount Assiniboine, you can see Sunburst Peaks, Naiset Point and The Towers in each of these photos.

Reflections in the tarns were a huge highlight for me, although many had dried up by the time that we arrived in autumn. I expect that these small mountain lakes and pools of water fill up over spring when the snow melts away after winter.

After we helicoptered out, Kathleen and I spent our final day photographing the Three Sisters in Banff. The first shower after four days without felt like absolute heaven, as did sleeping in a bed again.

These are just some of the photos that I took during the trip to Assiniboine. If you’re interested, you can see a few more on my Instagram.

I look forward to spending more time with these incredible women in landscape photography again next year!

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