Worlds of Tomorrow

Last week, Kaspars and I were sitting down for dinner when we realised that there might be something beautiful waiting to happen in the sky. We panicked a little as we decided upon where to go, mistakenly believing that the time was an hour later than it actually was. It wasn’t until we had rushed about getting dressed and packed that we finally realised we had an hour to spare.

Some girls get flowers… well, I get them too, but I’m twice as lucky because Kaspars knows that I love geothermal areas, so he’s constantly scouting them out on Google Earth until the right time comes for us to head out and explore on the ground! The unpaved road was bumpy on the way towards Ölkelduháls with a few large puddles but we managed to make it. This particular evening, we only had time to check out one large mudpot before the sun began to set. After that, Kaspars went downhill to explore some steam that was rising up, whilst I went uphill to canvas another mudpot.

I decided to title this shot ‘Worlds of Tomorrow’, as whenever I set foot into a place like this, it makes me feel as though I am on another planet… or just an alien visiting this one!

Location: Ölkelduháls, Iceland

Equipment: Canon 5DsR, Canon 16-35mm f/4L IS USM, Singh-Ray GND 4-stop soft.

Settings: 1/5 sec, f/16, ISO 100.

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