Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Tourism Greenland to cover the music at the 2017 Nuuk Nordisk Kulturfestival. The entire trip was made possible by, Air Greenland, Colourful Nuuk, Tele-Post and The AU Review. In the process, I shared my 33rd birthday with some pretty amazing people, flew over Greenland in a helicopter and even ventured out to see icebergs in a boat.

The trip was not without hiccups. At one point, I slipped on some ice and my camera almost went kaput. At another point, I became terribly sick and couldn’t even stick it out to see a couple of hip-hop acts that I really wanted to cover.

However, the good things outweighed the bad. We were fed well and got a lot of exercise hiking everyday from our residences to the dining hall! I discovered a lot of new music and felt my creativity soaring.

Here are some amazing snow storms that I was lucky enough to catch from the safety of the helicopter:

And this was what it looked like when the sun began to set!

Here is a photo that I took of my Scottish spirit animal, Kit, while we were speeding along Nuup Kangerlua in a boat. It looks like he was taking a cheeky selfie but in reality, he was clinging for dear life to the pole next to me.

This is Max, master lighting technician and all-round tripper. He kept me entertained during those long waits between bands.

Max, Jenny & Konstantin. I’m so grateful that Jenny and I met that first day in the airport!

For more photos and Instagram stories from the trip, check out the full album over at Facebook!

You can also read my round-up of all the music and see some photos of the artists in this article here.

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